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Welcome to Palmanova, a nine-pointed star-shaped fortress town, absolutely one of a kind. Built in 1593 by the Republic of Venice as a fortified border structure in order to face the threat of Turkish raids and the territorial expansion of Austria, it was completed in the early 1800s by Napoleone Bonaparte, being surrounded by three orders of perfectly preserved and visitable fortifications up to the present day.

The city, conceived as a real war machine, has a perfect geometric shape: a nine-pointed star, with a perfectly hexagonal square in the center, from which the six main streets start, placed in a radial pattern. Three of them lead to the city gates oriented towards Udine, Aquileia and Cividale. It was considered the most impregnable city in Europe, with its walls camouflaged by vegetation, almost invisible because it was built below the horizon, and with advanced defensive systems.

Its original name was Palma, symbol of victory, to which Napoleon added the suffix Nova two centuries later.

Whatt to see

  • Fortress of Palmanova
  • Piazza Grande
  • Military History Museum
  • Venetian aqueduct
  • Historical reenactment (first weekend of September)


A strategic position between mountain and seaside in the heart of Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

You can also visit

  • Clauiano, 4 km from Palmanova, one of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy”, what is striking is the strength and elegance of simplicity, together with the cellars that offer a good glass of local wine.
  • Strassoldo, 6 km from Palmanova, an example of an ancient medieval village, extremely well preserved and of rare charm, still house to the Counts of Strassoldo.
  • Grado, 28 km from Palmanova, “Island of the Sun”, an elegant seaside town with a historic center with Venetian charm and picturesque fishermen’s houses, a tourist destination since the nineteenth century with its three kilometers of beaches and marine spa.
  • Villa Manin di Passariano, 25 km from Palmanova, a Venetian villa from the early 1700s, is a valuable architectural work, also known for the works of art it preserves, frescoes, canvases and sculptures; it hosts numerous exhibitions and events together with the homonymous park behind it.
  • Rievocazione Storica (primo weekend di settembre)

For more information:

Photo source:: Di Alecobbe - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 4.0,

UNESCO heritage

  • Aquileia, 17 km from Palmanova, one of the great centers and port of the Roman Empire, today an open-air archaeological site, with the wonderful mosaics of the Basilica of Aquileia and the National Archaeological Museum.
  • Cividale del Friuli, 25 km from Palmanova, founded in Roman times by Julius Caesar with the name of Forum Iulii, became the Lombard capital of Friuli, its “Devil’s Bridge” boldly suspended over the Natisone river.

Main centers

  • Udine, 15 km from Palmanova, with its Renaissance buildings, the Castle and the Cathedral in Baroque style, houses several museums and art galleries with works by Tiepolo and Caravaggio.
  • Trieste, 50 km from Palmanova, a splendid and discreet regional capital overlooking the sea, and the nearby castle of Miramare.
Photo source: Di Gian77 - Opera propria, CC BY-SA 3.0,
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